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Reflecting this year

This Year has seen some amazing changes at the clinic. Our first major change was we moved. We made the executive decision that staying where we were was something that we couldn't afford to do unless we increased our rates. So we went on a journey to find somewhere that we were close to all our lovely loyal clients. Somewhere more affordable and somewhere we can add extra services.

So Butler, here we come!! We have a wonderful place that we have designed with a warm, friendly atmosphere, and we have added some extra services. We now have a remedial massage therapist, Andrea, and Andrea comes with a wealth of knowledge, and she even does reflexology!

We have an extra counsellor, Susan, who loves to support people with anxiety and stress. She has a wealth of experience in the aged care industry and brings that knowledge with her to support carers and dementia clients and their families.

Donna, Donna, has experience and passion in sexology counselling.

Then we have Cristina, Cristina and plenty of experience with children and loves to support children of all ages and their parents.

So between them, I'm pretty sure your needs can be met.

Also, I do counselling for couples and families and individual counselling, which is an area I enjoy; I often complement a client's needs with herbal tea and or supplements because we all like a bit of extra care and support

Martina, our Hypnotherapist and Reiki lady, is great at weight loss and smoking cessation, anxiety and sleep.

So between us me! - the naturopath, counsellor, Donna Susan and Cristina, our other counsellors and Andera, the remedial massage therapist, we have you covered.

We also love people to drop in for a chat; it drags us away from the computers so we can discuss you and your thoughts. We honestly look forward to seeing you!

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