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New years resolution

What are you going to do for the new year? So this year I am going to try it to improve my health. I know it is something most of us all try to do at some time or another. Then we stop or give up, and as the year goes on we then reflect back we realise it didn't happen.

There are many reasons or excuses we come up with for this when in reality it was we were too busy, we forgot, or something came up and we didn't start or continue it. So I'm changing that. I am going to write a plan on how this new years resolution can be achieved. I am going to write all the things that can go wrong with my finishing or starting my new years' resolution and I am going to write next to the things that prevent me from achieving my end result.

I will give you an idea, of what I mean. I want to be fit, I want to eat well and change my eating habits. Yep, they start well. I go shopping and buy the foods, write a meal plan and then I forget or I get lazy and can't be bothered. so this year I am going to pre-cook my meals so I can just grab them from the fridge and heat them when I get home. I am going to set my alarm and do my exercise so I don't forget.

So what you you going to do to achieve your resolution, what are you going to put in your plan?

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