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Bush flower essence

I love Bush flower essence, they have amazing healing abilities and are safe for everyone in the family, I even used them on my dog. Australia has the world's oldest and highest number of flowering plants exhibiting tremendous beauty and strength. Also, Australia is relatively unpolluted and metaphysically has a very wise, old energy.

There is a tremendous new vitality in this country. This, combined with the inherent power of the land, is why the Australian Bush Flower Essences are unique

The Bush Remedies not only help to give clarity to one's life but also the courage, strength and commitment to follow and pursue one's goals and dreams. They help to develop a higher level of intuition, self-esteem, spirituality, creativity and fun. The more the Essences are used, the more one is likely to experience greater awareness and happiness in one's life. The effect of these Essences is similar to that of meditation in that they enable the person to access the wisdom of their Higher Self. This releases negative beliefs held in the subconscious mind and allows the positive virtues of the Higher Self - love, joy, faith, courage etc. to flood their being. When this happens the negative beliefs and thoughts are dissolved, balance is restored and true healing occurs.

Please call the clinic on 9541 0739 for more info


For this month for every bush flower appointment, you get a free bush flower essence that is individually tailored to you!

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